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Thanksgiving Day Dive for a few brave souls

4 Divers Pete, Roger, Jeff and Mark gave up watching the parade, but chose to dive.

Our Minion was on display at Nagawicka Beach for quite some time on Turkey morning.

The dive tracks were proof enough that they ventured out. Poor Mark had to go with Jeff for the marathon dive, I'm sure there wasn't much air left in the tank after that.

Otter was checking out the goodies on the Big Screen with John, while Jeff got his own treasures with Jeff. Yes, mermaid, SS Minow and a few nomes were all found in addition

to a Milk bottle, whiskey and even an embossed one.

But the true test was carrying the 20 pound improvised anchor back with a Blatz!

I wonder if Lori know's what her scale is used for?

A good time was had by all and then off to the Thanksgiving festivities!

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