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Puget Sound dive June 12

Visited Seattle with the family last week and snuck away for a two-tank shore dive in Puget Sound with Seattle Dive Tours.

We dove Alki Cove 2. I was impressed with the info the dive outfit made available online:

The divemaster had a marine biology degree and identified all the wildlife for us, which was a nice touch.

Admiring a Graceful Decorator Crab

I was hoping to see a Giant Pacific Octopus, but they are apparently more active at night. I saw plenty of sea stars, red rock crabs, plumose anemone and a variety of fish.

They called it “cold water” diving. (Psshhh.) Temps were low 50s (rolls eyes). Vis was 15-20 feet but below about 40 feet it opened up. We surface swam about 50 yards out, dropped down to 90 feet, and worked our way back to the beach.

This is was a great experience for my first real saltwater dip. But there was no crockpot to be found when we were done.

Copper Rockfish

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