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Pine Lake 7/12 - banned from the mirror table at North Lake Pizza ;)

4 Divers Jeff Info director, Jeff x-Treasurer, Roger and Pete set off for a cool Pine dive

No matter how much Roger tried to sweet talk, they were not moving from the front of the building to the mirror that Roger "touched" last "accident".

Regardless, Pizza was great and only 2 had to be consumed with John in Italy.

Picking the NW site was easy with little traffic and a quick exit from the lake.

Rain again was in the forecast, but everyone's spirt was up

Roger was flashing from both sides, maybe the NL Pizza waitress knew what he was

wearing under those shorts and remembered the marks left from them the last time.

Patty (Jeff Carp slayer) make yummy cookies which were well received and quite good.

A great night of crystal clear water and no carp or finds for the day.

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