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Pewaukee 6/22 Round 2 is Ducky

Everybody seems to be coming out now that the weather is much warmer

Gear is all ready and launch imminent

Treasurer Jeff, Roger, Jim, Steve, Mark, Info Director Jeff, Mark, John and Pete all were

along for a warm dive in Pewaukee

Checking the GPS tracking twice don't want any mistakes finding this location.

So nice to have carp slayer Jeff back in the group diving and not sailing the BIG lake.

A few treasures were found and one big Muskie lure waiting to hand out tetanus booster to some victim. A few hats and some odd lot bottles and wine glass.

How was the visibilty? Well look for yourself, quite good you could see the bottom.

One nice heavy one for the trophy wall.

Another successful week for the divers, with many cleaning projects ahead.

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