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Pearl Lake bus stop

In my quest to pile up experience, I tagged along with AJ Scuba’s PADI Open Water class on Sunday to Pearl Lake in South Beloit, IL. (Just a city boy, born and raised in South Beloit. He took the midnight train ... )

AJ Scuba instructor Jim leads Open Water students through an air sharing exercise.

If you’ve never been, Pearl Lake is a diving playground. It’s an old gravel pit and every winter they drag some new oddity onto the ice and let it sink in the spring. There are several boats, an airplane, a UPS truck, a crane, statues, toilets, a casket ...

Bus stop

Just about everything is around 30-40 feet, but there is a hole down to 80ish. Water temps on Sunday were low 50s at 30 feet. Vis was so-so at 10-15 feet.

Hail to the bus driver

On this trip I watched the Open Water students, took a cruise to the old school bus and chased a smallmouth.


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