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Okauchee 2/27 Last Ice Certification Dive #6

Pete Just hanging out in the sunny day, trying to hide from the breeze. Thanks to Tom for bringing the second trailer to block the wind. I wonder how Pete's new electric "power" auger worked? Well after about 15 seconds went poof and smoked, back to gas

Let there be said something about arriving on time, if your late the trailer is gone...

Honestly, Tom made me late for 8:45 meeting, really it was Tom :)

Good thing we were not the last ones, Ryan and the Gavin boys came later, but it was a class. Jim/Steph and Robert were out for fun and ice rescues.

Steph at Stillwater donning a shiny new stainless steel back plate for anyone wanting to stop on over and buy one just like hers.

So clean I think i can see myself.

Off went Steph, Jim and Robert.

Brandon was looking for a drone.

What is up with Ryan???

Ryan was acting like the King and I

Definetly know he saw this show when he was younger :)

Robert below finished dive #3 and still smiling, well as much as he does.

Steph was just excited beyond belief to be rescued for the search rescue dive.

Dive Steph, now Robert you must go seek, now he is happy. i don't think Pete moved.

Off on the rescue they learned a few things:

1) if you stay on top (bottom of ice) you can be found.

2) don't be looking at your pictures on your phone under water

3) Maybe look around for the rope, just saying...

All back, with some good conversations, now on to the rest of the group

Brandon and Mike were showing off new toys, including the fast UTV

Interesting snap system with absolutely NO bounce, very neat stuff.

Papa Gavin, Tom supervising, Mark, Ryan, Pete & John went next in 2 groups, but the visibility definitely went down a bit. I think Jeff was mucking...

Poor Pete and John had to go last in the slightly murky water.

My gear was definitely showing some residue left from those Muck people.

Overall a great day was had and we call did come back safely, only 1 more ice dive left.

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