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Love in the air Ice Dive #4 on Pewaukee for Valentine's Day 2/14/21

A crew of divers with love on their minds went diving on Pewaukee for Valentines presents for their sweeties.

Load up the trailers, hoping for no issues or ATV/UTV issues...

Who said sweets are for later?

Travel in style there John, no your not keeping out of Pete's view and are NOT a PinUp.

Just have to pick the right spot, pace it out Pete want to make it right!

who was along? Damn bunnies...

Poor Steve took a face plant after the ice auger took a good grip. last inch is always tough ask Paul and Jeff about that.

oh yes better move that box before it becomes a frozen rope box.

Yup a bit cold freezing hole as we went in at -13, wc -28, put the lovers couple in first is our strategy if they can't stay warm nobody can :) .

lots of visitors on the lake today, well not really.

Well someone has a ice headache coming soon.

Well what did Jim find for Steph, well donated by Jeff's deep water finds?

Crock Cheese and an anchor how nice!

Yup looks really warm by the observers, there was a bit of wind, thanks for watching Rhonda and Brian & dad.

But then again Jeff texting with an icicle on his nose

Time to dive Roger & Jeff!

What How was Jeff's visibility with Roger?

Off goes Pete and John for some fun, time for mucking.

Still smiling, notice John's fins, i think somebody was mucking. 1/2 lake bottom came back.

into the trailer for some food and brews, just trying to warm up and get out of the wind.

If only we didn't have to have a UTV with a frozen gas line, time for the tow of shame Roger... At least he is waving.

got a good view from shore too!

Well someone doesn't look pleased at all, with that embarrassment.

He even needed a push into the trailer, good thing we had some help.

even John found something for Sue to cherish!

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