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Ice Dive #4 on Pewaukee Lake 3 1 2020

The ides of March found nine divers out on Pewaukee Lake –

Seeking to find some treasures to take.

Some momentous occasions to mark the day:

Stephanie from Stillwater LLC got her ice diving certification!

(Now she can be officially dubbed cra cra!!!)

John’s son Scott took his first ice dive ever and survived to tell!

It wasn’t as bad as he thought,

In fact it was swell!

Mark & Paul, Roger & Jeff, Jim & Steph, John & Scott, and Pete diving solo –

Then joined by Jeff’s son Mike on a UTV to uber us to and fro.

Headed out at 9:03;

Everyone piled on except John, Scott, and Mark –

Fashionably late (again); had to be picked up later

Shocker! Nothing out of the ordinary!

Mike and Scott headed off on the UTV from the launch,

Launched airborne onto the lake,

Had to backtrack a bit,

For Scott’s hat that blew off in their wake!

March came in like a lamb on this 50 degree day –

Ice was 10” to start,

By the end if was down to 8”

The bright sun melting it away!

The dives were without incident –

Visibility wasn’t too great.

But, newbie Scott forgot to put on his weight.

Pete was a hoarder -

Finding all the good bottles to acquire.

Including the unique Graff soda bottle

Certainly an antique to admire!

A visit from the Po Po to ensure we were all being lawful and neat;

Suspicious we were illegal muskie fishing –

But no, the big ugly muskie being reeled in was just Pete!

We topped off the day with Pete’s award-winning chicken

And a beer to wash it all down;

All smiles on our faces,

Never a frown!

Nice Picture Pete looking really good

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