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Delavan Lake 7/7 Scuba Diving one for the ducks

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Weather was wet and a bit iffy raining down on us for most of the trip.

Crew consisted of 7 persons/6 Scuba Diver crew with rain on the forecast.

Packed like sardines, we ventured and launched out to the murky depths.

Bundled up for rain and cold temperatures. Roger sporting a nice look, at least this one he had his cloths on. We all dove for over an hour at depths of 51 feet. Another good haul of anchors and "treasures" were found. Our Location and track as follows:

I believe the big Anchor was at the loop out for us.

What did it look like above 30', not bad:

Oh the goodies Jeff found and even ran over me on the dive track.

A pair of binoculars for Jeff

10 Anchors for all, most ending up at Pete's shop. Even a nice collapsible one.

4 golf balls, a chuck it ball, a few bottles including a Coke from Lake Geneva for John.

A few embossed ones, which nobody broke in route to being cleaned. At least so far.

A greeny meanie for Tom.

3 Dive masks and a few sets of shades for Paul and Jeff.

Protecting our boat Tim was bravely watching over the guys, in the rain. He could have used Jeff's new spec's.

Off to Nag for next week and hopefully better weather.

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