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Booming weather Scuba Diving on Upper Nemahbin 7/15 - Not National Nude Day but didn't stop Roger

The weather was ominous with the map showing all brown and red –

But four brave divers headed out on Upper Nemahbin with nothing to dread.

“El Presidente” Greb made this choice,

For carp he wanted to slay.

At the launch, signs for fishing looked good

With a big gar fish swarming in maggots –

More alive than now than when swimming the bay.

A slight delay as “El Presidente” forgot his boots, gloves & spear;

His angel wife, Patti, delivered all,

But wanted to give him a kick in the rear.

It seems he took her car and left him one with no gas…

Making her fill the tank in the rain;

(What a pain in the as_!)

But the extra effort paid off –

As Jeff, John, Pete, and Roger headed north to the hidden isle….

Carp were in abundance,

Spearing eight all together,

Divers lighting up with a smile!

Dove in 25 feet of water;

Vis poor at 3 feet.

Found a few bottles and a river anchor

Ultimately lost in the muck,

While slaying a carp by Pete.

After 56 minutes, Pete and John turned around and were done.

Jeff & Roger made it to the far shore line

Diving for over an hour –

Making the most of their diving fun.

With a steady down pour of rain,

We anchored under a bridge for our post dive snack

Pete’s jumbo hot dogs & beer –

While spiders and mosquitoes eyed us up for attack!

Braved the conditions

With a few stories to tell

Pack up in the continuous down pour

Headed out – another dive in the books –

Ain’t that just swell!

We knew it would be good with what we found at the launch

The boys were ready to go, better duck Jeff

Pete cleared by a whisker

John was just relaxing, but did find a few bottles

What a haul, poor Jeanie's truck smells a bit

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