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8/14 Torpedo on Pine Lake

Eight divers out on Pine Line on an ominous day;

Off-and-on pending rain kept most boaters away.

Only two launch spots taken,

Gave us free reign of the lake.

Pete & John, two Jeff G’s, Jim & Bob, Tom & Paul ready for an adventure to take.

Seven divers came by conventional means –

The last, ‘poor’ Jeff Greb, was picked up at a West shore pier –

Waiting expectantly carrying cookies and his diving gear.

After Jeff Gavin’s prior week successful torpedo bottle find,

He asked , “Can we try again if you don’t mind?”

The team picked a spot sure to have booty and set off on their way

The distance seemed far,

So we split the distance and dove in at 30ft in the bay.

We pre-dive binged on Patty Greb’s scrumptious cookies

And ironically there were enough to go around!

(It seems Roger was gone to a T-ball game – nowhere to be found!)

We headed off in all directions,

Diving at depths up to 56 feet

Temp below thermocline was 47 degrees

And the deeper we dove the visibility got even better – a real treat!

Dive time an hour with two treasures to claim:

For Pete an 1863 Belfast torpedo bottle;

Tom found a bottle embossed with the Milwaukee-Waukesha brew company name.

It seemed both Jeffs lacked in their navigational skills;

Popped up a 30 minute swim from the boat –

Had to swim back and wished they had gills.

Finally, we feasted on succulent ribs made by Pete

And beers from Jeff and Tom to wash down the meat.

As we licked our fingers clean and reflected on the day,

We lamented that long summer days were waning away.

Given it was only 8:30 and now turning dark,

But we were blessed with an almost full-moon rising

Guiding us back to where we were parked.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 18, 2022

Love thiis

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