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5/17 Diving in Delavan w White Pelicans

Well that doesn't happen every week in Wisconsin, maybe Florida or Central Canada Ehh

The crew packed up early now with 6 divers and another "guest" arriving late.

Roger, Paul, Tom, Pete, Jeff & John

Former Miss America (Sherry) showed up for the warm weather dive & Pelicans

Caught migrating up to Central Canada, hundreds of white Pelicans were on the point

gathering for the next flight stretch

Covering both sides of the point and all the way down the shoreline the birds were there lined up. Not so common on this side of Wisconsin the birds were resting.

We decided to leave them alone, for some reason being downwind it smelled like some of our past Carp slaying adventures.

Yellow was the migration path, red is breeding areas. We were clearly not in any of those areas, but the birds can't read.

The dive went well and we were able to hit Jeff's #2 hot spot. A cold front did hit while we were under, but Sherry took care of the boat and put on the heaters to keep warm.

All the divers had a great time with good visibility, not quite as great as prior week.

The sun was setting quickly and so were the temps.

Another layer for Sherry, but I think she had fun. Kept all those birds off the boat.

Trying to get off quickly, we all bundled

up and took off, back for the launch

Loading up the boat Pete gives directions to Roger...Yes, behind the flag.

Pete in bare feet of course.

Visibility was not quite as good at the launch, we blamed the Pelicans :)

A great haul of treasures, anchors, bottles, cans, M&M Guy, grappling hook and more.

Nice looking bottles and even a brand new walkman/cassette, just like Star Lord's

Oh i'm sure Paul will wear it with Pride, he does kind of look like Star Lord , nice find!

Oh can you imagine downtown Waukesha with Paul's walkman and wanna be Pelican?

The claw that John found and Pete did not want it on the boat, wonder why.

John did clear the zebra muscles off of it.

Nice bottles all embossed and worth some big $$$ for sure.

Even a vinegar bottle

Someone is going to be so excited for these treasures.

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