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3rd Ice Dive on Delavan 2/6 - Recovery Mode

Another cool day with a very long drive to the destination, looking for treasures.

With a heavy load of 7 divers and 4 observers it took some time to find the right spot.

Well the hole looked promising. All ice fishermen in area left when we started cutting hole. I think they went complaining to someone with a badge.

We cut the hole and let Pete and Roger take first crack.

Even a newbie (wana be ice diver) Robert tagged along traveling with Jim.

Time to search for the dumped remains from the sled and ice shanty that went down.

Off went Roger & Pete 1st and found a bunch of gear. The boys and sled was already pulled out by Rogers new toy. don't tell Jeannie.

yes that will fit in his garage for sure.

It was a beautiful day overall.

Jumping in water later were Jim, John, Carlos, Charlie and Ryan.

Visibility wasn't that bad, except where mucking was done.

I'm not sure that the boys who lost everything were really that thrilled, or understood the effort.

We found almost all the treasures, including fish finder, scoop, chairs, tackle box and poles. Jim even found 1 tiny little jig head.

Even the bags

We managed to find a few other treasures from a boat from the 30's that we found.

Once we found the treasures, guess who shows up? Those fishermen complaining let to a visit.

Officer was not looking for the fish, but what was going on we made him talk to Pete. Same guy that had bonded with the boys from the prior week after pulling them out of the hole. What were the odds?

This little guy kept popping out the hole maybe looking for the boys again.

He was the biggest fish we saw, too bad he was smaller than a sardine.

A successful day by all, even the rebreathers had fun except Carlos's little leak.

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