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1/13/2019 - Ice Diving on Lake Beulah

Out on Lake Beulah for the first ice dive of the year;

Expected three, but six did appear!

Pete, Roger, Paul and two newbies: Eric & Chris –

Chris, driving all the way from La Crosse

For some ice diving bliss!

Met at the Beulah boat launch –

No ATVs or snowmobiles to be found.

Pete did due diligence drilling pre-dive safe holes,

To ensure the ice would be sound.

5 ½” of ice verified in the middle of the bay,

So out we went on the ATV

Towing our gear along the way.

Apparent it was the first ice dive of the year –

As many forgot pieces of gear.

Two forgot ice creepers,

One only had slippery shoes;

Roger didn’t even have a warm jacket to use!

But his dear “Buns” who always has his back.

Delivered his jacket, so he wouldn’t lack!

We found our spot on the western peninsula shore –

Dug holes in 20 feet

With a newly supped up, sharpened ice auger by Pete!

Almost pulled John under with its power,

Nearly sweeping him right off his feet!

Roger followed up clearing a dive hole with an upgraded, tuned up chain saw;

No longer does the chain spin until powered off –

Pete fixed that safety flaw!

Roger and Paul were first to go –

Visibility great of 30 + feet;

Depths up to 52 feet below.

Followed by newbies Chris and Eric,

Definitely a pampered and experienced pair –

With heated dive vests and argon gas,

To fill their dry suits with warm air!

Pete and John were the clean up crew –

Last to take the plunge;

Treasures were few:

A nice jigging pole with reel and a tin bucket for spare –

Even a pair of purple lace panties;

(Paul will now always have spare underwear!)

The lake was hopping!

Lots of visitors stopping:

Two DNR agents, dozens of fishermen, and a policeman doing his copping!

We warmed up in the trailer after the dive;

Feasted on jumbo chili dogs downed with beer,

Sharing laughs and stories of how it’s good to be alive!

Just a bit slippery out there, but it was crystal clear...

A great rope tender, but NEVER trust him if he hands you something in the water

What other treasures... cans of panties

Yes, those are now Paul's -->

Good Food & Brew with some heat.

A good time was had by all!

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